Giant Capital Advisory

Giant Capital Advisory is the advisory company with an experience of around 10 years in the field of research and analysis. GCA is a reputed name providing research and analytical tools to help build strong recommendations. We work with only Stock Futures advice keeping the service very easy-to- understand and easy-to- follow serving across the country and to Non-Residents Indian clients also. GCA is a SEBI registered company with an aim to become number 1 in the field of advisory.

It is observed that though India being 2 nd most populated country in the world, has a very less number of stock traders as compared to US, UK, JAPAN and Australia. We strongly feel that this numbers will improve very drastically as the exposure and literacy in context to Stock Market tend to improve and increase. We also focus on helping our clients to learn and understand the market. We endeavour to answer some of the most frequently asked questions such as… How can we earn in market? What risks are involved? How and what strategies to be applied? How to safeguard capital? GCA advisory aims to penetrate each and every corner of India and providing proper learning and guidance to Indian traders.

Let your imagination at work


Company strongly believes in the financial well-being of all of the clients & thereby core focus is to safeguard the capital and steady & consistent growth of all stakeholders with transparent & obvious advice.

Always fly higher and higher


We aim to become number 1 in the field of stock advisory with a view to provide 24*7 support to all our clients with state-of- the-art- service and technology. Transparent and obvious advice to clients to build long term relationship for mutual financial growth.

Our Skills

Profit with Calculated Risk

We are expertise in providing research and analytical tools and now venturing into providing advice in Indian Stock Market. We strongly believe that risk is inevitable in very volatile and unforeseeable market but it should be calculated not raw and random.

  • Best-in-class analysis
  • Transparent advise
  • Profit with calculated risk
  • Unmatched post-sales service

EVERY dip and rise is an opportunity in market, it is just about time you grab it.


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